Securing Your Business with Active Shooter Coverage

Active Shooter Insurance

The increasing prevalence of workplace and public violence is a stark reality in today’s world. A 2021 survey revealed a disturbing statistic: over 22% of nearly 75,000 workers reported experiencing at least one form of workplace violence. 

The recent firearm incidents at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park and Frankie’s Fun Park serve as stark reminders of the need for businesses to be prepared for unpredictable threats to safety. 

Active shooter/workplace violence coverage emerges as a crucial step in safeguarding our workplaces with both financial protection and comprehensive support in the aftermath of an active shooter incident. 

Read as our experts dive into the specifics and breakdown why active shooter insurance is essential for amusement parks and family entertainment centers (FECs) in 2024 and beyond.

Understanding the Full Risk of an Active Shooter Incident

The full risk of an active shooter incident in an amusement park or FEC is multifaceted, encompassing various factors that can significantly impact the severity of such an event. 

These are key aspects to consider when it comes to understanding the risk of an active shooter incident:

  • Type of park or FEC
  • High concentration of people in both crowded and confined areas
  • Limited control of entry and exit points
  • Panic leading to mass casualties
  • PTSD and psychological trauma afterward
  • Damage to reputation and business patronage
  • Business interruption and closure
  • Potential legal liability

Standard Business Insurance vs. Active Shooter Coverage

Standard business insurance is more like a basic umbrella, protecting against common risks like fire or theft. Active shooter coverage, on the other hand, is specifically designed to cover the unique risks of these extreme events.

Here’s how it differs from standard policies:

Property Damage

Standard policies may cover some physical damage, but may exclude damage caused by intentional acts like shootings.

Active shooter insurance provides broader coverage for repairs to buildings, equipment, and damaged attractions.

Business Interruption

Standard policies might cover lost income due to closure for a limited period, but may not consider the specific disruption caused by an active shooter event.

Active shooter coverage provides financial support for lost income while the park recovers from the incident, potentially including expenses for crisis management and public relations.

Liability Coverage

Standard policies typically won’t cover legal costs and damages if the park is found negligent, but sometimes have limited coverage for emotional distress or wrongful death claims.

Active shooter insurance provides broader liability protection, covering legal expenses, potential victim compensation, and defense against lawsuits arising from the incident.

Mitigating the Unthinkable

By mitigating risks, you can significantly reduce the potential impact of an active shooter incident, protect the safety of their employees and patrons, while minimizing damage to your operations and reputation.

These our experts top tips for mitigating the risks of workplace violence:

  • Find top-quality and trustworthy insurance providers
  • Identify potential vulnerabilities and implement preventive measures such as protocols and emergency response training.
  • Establish clear communication protocols, evacuation procedures, and response strategies.
  • Educate employees on identifying and reporting suspicious behavior, and promote awareness of emergency procedures.

Active Shooter Insurance Protects More than Your Bottom Line

Investing in active shooter/workplace violence insurance demonstrates a commitment to your employees’ and customers’ well-being, builds a culture of safety and trust, and sends a powerful message of responsibility and care.

These are just three benefits of an active shooter insurance policy:

Employee Assistance. Providing access to mental health counseling, trauma support services, and financial assistance to employees affected by the emotional trauma of an incident.

Asset Recovery. Assisting with the retrieval of damaged or stolen assets, minimizing financial losses and streamlining the recovery process.

Victim Advocacy. Offering resources and support to victims and their families, navigating legal proceedings, and ensuring their voices are heard and needs are addressed.

Preparing for Regulatory Scrutiny and Potential Future Legislation

In the wake of high-profile active shooter incidents, increased regulatory scrutiny regarding safety protocols and preparedness is likely. This scrutiny could pave the way for future legislation mandating active assailant coverage or safety measures for certain industries, including amusement and entertainment.

McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance Doesn’t Provide Cookie-Cutter Solutions 

A generic approach to active shooter preparedness can be dangerously ineffective. Every business faces unique risks and vulnerabilities, demanding customized solutions that go beyond cookie-cutter insurance policies and generic training programs. 

These are just a few features of our comprehensive active shooter coverage:

  • Risk assessment and analysis
  • Vulnerability assessments and mitigation
  • Customized and flexible coverage options
  • Active shooter response training
  • Emergency response planning
  • Ongoing support and review

With our amusement park and entertainment insurance solutions, you can significantly increase your organization’s resilience against active shooter events and give the people inside your amusement park or FEC the best chance of staying safe. 

When You Choose McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance, You’re Choosing Peace of Mind

Active shooter threats are a reality we can’t ignore. By partnering with McGowan Allied, you can take control of your preparedness and create a safer environment for your employees, guests and the community.

Contact us online or call our team at 727-547-3023 for a personalized consultation and discover how active shooter coverage can help you stay prepared for the unexpected 24/7.

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