About Us

In-Depth Support for the Amusement and Entertainment Industry

McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance brings together two companies — Allied Specialty Insurance and McGowan Amusement Group — dedicated to crafting policies to fit the needs of the amusement and entertainment industries. The McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance team has more than 35 years of in-depth industry exposure. We are committed to bringing outstanding customer service and unparalleled support to our clients and their businesses.

Keeping it in the Family

The McGowan Companies added the McGowan Amusement Group to its portfolio in 2016 to help service the insurance needs of amusement and entertainment industries. Growing over the years the McGowan Amusement Group has evolved into one of the largest providers of risk management and insurance services for this segment in the country.

Founded in 1954, The McGowan Companies was built on three generations of dedication to the insurance and financial services industries. The company earned its reputation by empowering brokers with aggressive, flexible, and creative products that capitalize on changes in the insurance marketplace.

At McGowan, we respect the traditions that form the foundation for today’s amusement industry. Our team is made up of the most experienced insurance professionals in the history of the business. We are passionate about protecting the interests of our clients, supporting them as they deliver on their commitment to the customer.

Allied Specialty Insurance was founded in 1983 by Paul “Duke” Smith, the organization kept the family spirit alive while contributing talent and quality insurance to the amusement and entertainment industry for many decades. To this day, family members are still involved in the day to day operations, appreciating the uniqueness of this industry by having lived through the excitement, thrills, and challenges of owning and working in the amusement business.

Creating Success for the Future

The McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance team has exceptional industry talent and resources to prolong the success of its clients. Our goal is to provide specialized insurance services and create a long-lasting partnership for years to come. Unlike other firms, we are solely in the amusement business.