About Us

The McGowan-Allied Story: A Lifetime of Coverage

McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance represents the evolution of two great, historic names—a powerful union between Allied Specialty Insurance and McGowan Amusement Group.

For generations, this structure has put us on the forefront of the industry, where we define the landscape of entertainment and amusement risk management by providing clients with aggressive, flexible, and creative products that capitalize on changes in the insurance marketplace.

Founded in 1954, The McGowan Companies has a long history of serving the industries of insurance and financial services. Our company is built on three generations of dedication, and has a mission to empower brokers through innovative and customizable insurance products. We take pride in our ability to adapt to changes in the insurance marketplace, which makes it possible for our clients to stay competitive and succeed in their respective industries.

Since 1983, Allied Specialty Insurance has exclusively focused on serving the amusement and entertainment industry with quality insurance products and services. When this family-owned business joined forces with The McGowan Companies in 2020, both companies grew stronger in talent, expertise, and experience. 

The 2016 addition of the McGowan Amusement Group to our portfolio further empowered us to provide specialized insurance policies to the amusement and entertainment industry. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of this industry. We are passionate about protecting our clients’ interests. 

Today, we are proud to be a family-owned business with exceptional industry talent and resources. McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance is committed to creating long-lasting partnerships with our clients for years to come.