Empowering Safety: A Shared Responsibility

Empowering Safety

Safety is not just a priority—it’s a culture. At McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance, we believe that safety benefits everyone, fostering a work environment where employees thrive and businesses flourish. By adhering to safety rules, we not only prevent injuries and illnesses but also contribute to increased productivity and profitability. Our commitment to safety extends beyond our workplace, positively impacting the community by promoting cleaner air, water, and reducing the risk of accidents.

Empowering Safety

As an employee, you should:

  1. Learn to work safely and take all rules seriously.
  2. Recognize hazards and avoid them.
  3. Report all accidents, injuries and illness to your supervisor immediately.
  4. Inspect tools before use to avoid injury.
  5. Wear all assigned personal protective equipment.

On the other hand, it is management’s responsibility to:

  1. Provide a safe and healthy workplace.
  2. Provide personal protective equipment.
  3. Train employees in safe procedures and in how to identify hazards.

Everyone must be aware of potential hazards on the job:

  1. Poor housekeeping results in slips, trips and falls.
  2. Electricity can cause shocks, burns or fire if not handled properly.
  3. Poor material handling may cause back problems or other injuries.
  4. Tools and equipment can cause injuries if guards or protective devices are disengaged.

Operate amusement rides and attractions according to manufacturer guidelines and best practices at all times:

  1. Guards on machines and tools keep body parts from contacting moving equipment.
  2. Insulation on electrical equipment prevents burns, shock and fire.
  3. Lockout/tag out ensure equipment is de-energized before it is repaired.
  4. Personal protective equipment shields your body from hazards you may face on the job.

In case of emergency:

  1. Understand alarms and evacuation routes.
  2. Know how to notify emergency response personnel.
  3. Implement a procedure for leaving the scene safely so emergency personnel can do their job.
  4. Wipe up spills promptly and correctly.

Safety benefits everyone! By incorporating safety rules, employees avoid injury as well as illness from exposure to hazardous substances. With less injuries, a business can be more productive and profitable. The welfare of the community is also enhanced by providing cleaner air and water and less chance of dangerous accidents that can put lives and property at risk.

Empowering Safety

Should you have any questions about amusement ride safety and operations or risk management, feel free to contact us at: tellmemore@mcgowanallied.com


“This 5-Minute Safety Session publication should only be considered for general informational purposes and is neither comprehensive nor applicable to all organizations, conditions, or personnel. It is not intended as a substitute or replacement for an appropriate loss control program and every organization responsible for implementation of such a program should do so in consultation with legal, medical, and technical advisors with the relevant expertise as to the suitability of the information. Nothing conveyed within the 5-Minute Safety Session publication is intended to constitute legal advice or opinions and you should ask an attorney if you have any questions concerning your obligations, if any, under all laws, statutes, or codes.”

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