Are Your Employees Protected? Why Ignoring Workers’ Compensation for Amusement Park Employees Can Derail the Fun

Are Your Employees Protected? Why Ignoring Workers’ Compensation for Amusement Park Employees Can Derail the Fun

Amusement parks and family entertainment centers (FECs) thrive on creating joyful experiences. However, unforeseen incidents can occur, putting employees at risk of injury. A simple misstep on a slippery stage or a malfunctioning ride mechanism can have significant consequences.

Workers’ compensation (WC) insurance plays a crucial role in mitigating these risks, shielding businesses from legal liability when employees sustain work-related injuries or illnesses. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of workers’ compensation for amusement park, FEC, carnival, fairs and festival employees and highlight how coverage from McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance can meet your unique needs to protect your vibrant workforce.

workers compensation for Amusement Park Employees

Understanding Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation programs cover employees in states that require the coverage be in place. This includes full-time, part-time, temporary, and seasonal workers. However, independent contractors and some government employees may not be covered.

It provides a safety net for both employees and employers in case of job-related injuries or illnesses. Here’s a breakdown of what’s typically included in workers’ compensation insurance:

Medical expenses. From doctor visits and hospitalizations to surgeries, medication, and physical therapy, workers’ compensation covers the costs associated with necessary medical care, promoting faster recovery and minimizing long-term complications.

Wage replacement. WC provides temporary compensation for lost wages while the employee recovers, ensuring financial stability during a difficult time.

Disability benefits. With permanent disabilities resulting from job-related incidents, WC offers ongoing support to meet the employee’s needs.

workers compensation for Amusement Park Employees

Is Workers’ Compensation for Amusement Parks and FECs Mandatory?

While the specific rules and benefits of WC fluctuate across states, a few states offer alternative systems or make it optional for certain industries. However, for amusement parks and FECs, with their inherent risk of employee injuries, having workers’ compensation insurance is generally required by statute in all 50 states.

Skipping WC might seem tempting, but the consequences can be severe:

Financial penalties. States enforce strict penalties for non-compliance with WC, with daily fines escalating from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Lawsuits. Injured employees have the right to sue directly, potentially leaving the business responsible for hefty medical expenses and damages.

Reputational damage. News of employee injuries and lack of WC coverage can have a detrimental impact on your brand and customer trust.

The Benefits of Workers’ Compensation for Amusement Parks and FECs

Implementing workers’ compensation offers a multitude of benefits for both employees and businesses in the dynamic world of amusement parks and FECs.

Employee security. Knowing they are covered in case of accidents brings peace of mind to employees, fostering loyalty and boosting morale.

Reduced turnover. When employees feel valued and protected, they’re more likely to stay, minimizing costly staff turnover.

Financial security. If injured on the job, employees don’t face the financial burden of medical bills and lost wages. 

Access to quality healthcare. Workers’ compensation insurance ensures prompt access to necessary medical care without worrying about insurance coverage or affordability. 

Reduced legal liability. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system with guaranteed benefits, which means an employee’s legal recourse is limited to the Workers’ Compensation system.

Coverage for seasonal workforce. Many amusement parks and family entertainment centers employ seasonal workers; workers’ compensation for employees ensures these temporary workers are protected in case of injury.

For more information on owning and operating an amusement park, read our ebook: Checklists and Reminders for Amusement Park and Carnival Openings

workers compensation for Amusement Park Employees

Discover the McGowan Allied Difference 

McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance, can offer several advantages over standard workers’ compensation coverage, particularly for industries like amusement parks and family entertainment centers (FECs) which face unique risks. 

Here are some key benefits:

Tailored coverage. McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance has extensive experience in the amusement and entertainment industry, allowing us to develop policies that address the specific risks and challenges faced by amusement parks and FECs.

Enhanced claims management. We have dedicated claims adjusters experienced in amusement park and FEC claims, providing faster claim resolution compared to dealing with a general insurance company. 

Risk management resources. McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance offers risk management resources and consultations specifically designed for amusement parks and FECs, helping you identify and mitigate potential hazards, reducing the risk of injuries and lowering future insurance premiums.

Strong industry relationships. We have established relationships with key leaders in the amusement park and FEC industry, giving you access to a network of expert resources.

Competitive Premiums. We believe in pricing that rewards your commitment to safety. By analyzing your individual risks and safety practices, we can offer competitive premiums that fit your budget.

Take the Next Step in Protecting Your Employees and Your Business

Let McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance tailor a workers’ compensation solution that can safeguard your employees, protect your bottom line, and keep the good times rolling. Contact us online or call our team at 727-547-3023 to get your free, personalized quote today. 

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