Summer Increases Risks At Family Entertainment Centers

When the summer comes around, many families head out to spend a fun day enjoying water slides, roller coasters and other attractions. When children are out of school for vacation, family entertainment centers see larger crowds and the potential for brisk business, but also greater risks. Preparing for the dangers that go along with warm weather is an essential part of keeping your business operating smoothly for many summers to come.

What puts guests in danger?

“Danger comes from the actions of the visitors at the park.”

The worst threat to guests at an entertainment center is not any ride or attraction. According to data from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, the odds of being seriously injured on a ride with a fixed site at a U.S. amusement park are 1 in 16 million. The greater danger comes from the actions of the visitors at the park themselves, who fail to take precautions for their own health and engage in risky behavior.

The summer worsens these issues, with guests suffering from overexposure to heat and dehydration. Not drinking enough water or wearing appropriate clothing for the weather conditions is especially problematic for individuals who are at risk for heart conditions. Sometimes, guests also choose to ignore safety warnings or park policies and end up injured as a consequence.

The importance of trained personnel

Properly trained workers are the first line of defense against the dangers that can leave guests hurt and damage the entertainment center’s reputation. One of the most important skills for these employees is the ability to politely, but firmly, insist that visitors follow the rules that are in place for their own protection. They should also have a thorough awareness of any hazards associated with attractions and be subject to disciplinary action if they deviate from safe procedures.

Careful supervision and strict enforcement of all policies puts staff in a position to succeed. Workers should all be required to pass an authorization program to operate rides and be subject to regular checks on their performance. An attentive guest relations office is able to catch problems and bring them to the attention of management.

Preparing for hazards

When something does go wrong, park staff and supervisors need to be ready to act immediately. That may mean shutting down operations at an attraction right away if necessary due to either equipment malfunction, misbehaving guests or reporting someone entering the premises without authorization. That alertness only becomes more important when the area is crowded with families during the summer months.

Operators of family entertainment centers should have detailed plans for reacting in case of a crisis. It’s a good idea to communicate with local emergency services. These experts can provide advice and help to develop strategies for how to react if disaster strikes.

Water parks must protect themselves and guests against the dangers that come with summer.

Safety measures for the financial well-being of your business

Owners and management at family entertainment centers strive to ensure the adults and children who stream through each summer have a safe, enjoyable time. Nonetheless, accidents happen, and the operators may find themselves subject to financial losses due to property damage or even liable for an injury to a guest. In those situations, an insurance policy that’s customized to the particular needs of the business can make all the difference.

McGowan Insurance created the Family Entertainment Center Insurance Program based on years of experience in the industry. The policies are designed for regional amusement parks and other businesses that offer attractions like arcades, miniature golf, go-karts, laser tag, bowling and paintball.

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