Insurance for Fairs and Festivals

Gain Peace of Mind, and Keep the Good Times Going with Fair and Festival Insurance

Are you the visionary behind a fun-filled fair or enchanting festival? We applaud your passion and commitment to creating lasting memories for all ages. Yet, even the most extraordinary visionaries need a trusted team to bring their business to life.

McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance puts protecting your business center stage with customizable insurance for fairs and festivals

Whether you are searching for insurance for fairs or your festival, our seasoned experts in risk management for fairs and festivals can offer a comprehensive solution that covers it all. They can create a solution that fits your fair or festival like a glove. 

Do not let uncertainty steal the show. Put your trust in a leading insurance provider for entertainment and amusement risks, protect your investment, and gain invaluable peace of mind.

Enjoy Worry-Free Celebrations with Reliable Fair and Festival Insurance Coverage

McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance has been protecting fairs and festivals from unexpected surprises for more than 40 years. Our experts know exactly how to insure a festival or fair, so you can focus on delivering the thrills and entertainment that keep your guests coming back for more. 

Customizable Insurance for Fairs and Festivals

We know running a fair or festival is a lot of work. You need to worry about setting up rides, food and game concessions, staffing, parking, and everything else in between. But one thing you do not have to worry about is insurance. 

With our fair and festival insurance, we protect your business from unexpected twists and turns.

Just like the vibrant array of attractions at your fair or festival, we offer a diverse selection of insurance policies meticulously tailored to meet your unique needs. From insurance for food concessions at fairs to event cancellation insurance for festivals, our experts stay one step ahead, allowing us to customize solutions that anticipate your every need.

Fearless Fun With a Family Focus

With three generations of experts guiding our success and a deep appreciation for the sheer delight fairs and festivals bring to families nationwide, we take pride in being a leading entertainment and amusement insurance provider that is genuinely family focused.

Established in 1983 by the visionary Paul “Duke” Smith, McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance has a long history of preserving the cherished family spirit of fairs and festivals while delivering top-tier insurance solutions to the amusement and entertainment industry. 

Even today, family members actively participate in the day-to-day operations, drawing from their first-hand experiences of the electrifying excitement, heart-pounding thrills and remarkable challenges that come with owning and working in the amusement business.

Experts that Shine In the Spotlight

At McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance, we do not just follow the crowd–we lead the way with a team of thought-leaders and top experts deeply rooted in the entertainment and amusement park insurance industry. 

By partnering with us, you gain access to an elite network of bright minds and innovators who are just as passionate about your success as you are.

Experience our industry expertise firsthand by exploring our Resources page. There, you’ll find an array of valuable content including amusement park and festival opening checklists, engaging webinars, enlightening podcasts, and much more!

Unleash Thrills and Safeguard from Spills with Premier Fair and Festival Insurance

With tailored fair and festival insurance provided by McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance, you can focus on delighting your guests with extraordinary experiences, instead of worrying about the what ifs. Fill out the form on this page or call 727-547-3023 to get started on an insurance solution for your fair or festival.

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